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Quantum Manifestation Code Review

por Rachel helhar Harvey (2019-02-09)

Some people find Quantum Manifestation Code it important to adopt a persona to get them through high-profile or challenging situations. They act 'as if' they're who they want to be, how they want to come across. Professional sportspeople, public speakers, performers may adopt certain characteristics to support their desired mindset. It's well-known that singer Beyonce becomes 'Sasha' when she's onstage, enabling her to compartmentalise the distinct and different persona she portrays when she's working, separating the public from the personal areas of her life.Problems can occur when we don't leave those adopted mannerisms and attitudes behind and start to believe our own publicity. Adopting an 'I'm the greatest' mentality might be fine on stage, in an interview or sales pitch, but becoming completely submerged can come across as narcissistic, lacking in humility and is often unsuitable for other areas of our life.Equally, we can become so absorbed by our role as parent, breadwinner, dutiful son, daughter or partner that we lose sight of who we are, thus leaving little space for retaining our other passions and enthusiasms. There are times when other demands need to take priority, but try to leave corners of your life for yourself.When it's time to goal set or determine our resolutions and self-improvement plan it's important to know who we are and be sure that those objectives sit comfortably with us. It's our own voice that we're listening to, not others with their, 'why don't you', and 'you ought' suggestions.Yes, 'who do you think you are?' can of course be a sarcastic putdown, designed to haul someone back into line, but it can also be a prompt for reflection and increased self-awareness, able to provide an opportunity to reclaim some of your individuality. Then you don't just think, but truly know who you are.