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Profit Genesis 2.0

por Rachel helhar Harvey (2019-02-04)

Internet Marketing, at Profit Genesis 2.0 present, reminds me of the investment industry, especially the late 1980s, early 1990s. The Stock Market moves up or down based more so on perception of performance than performance itself. The use of the telephone to contact prospective clients was still relatively new. Investors, big and small, were still pretty excited about receiving a call from the "hot-shot broker with the magic touch" who had the hype and flash of the "super fast can't lose" penny stock which "will make you a fortune if you get in NOW!!!". Phrases like that were MUSIC to most investors' ears...and in they went. Only most of those stocks had no substance and any rise in stock price was due to volume buying. Once the buying stopped... Well, I hope you sold when your broker did. Think about a toy rocket. You light the fuse & BANG!!! It rises quickly & high into the sky & then runs out of fuel. Where does it go from there? Back to terra firma...faster than it went up. The perception was there were countless "opportunities" to strike it BIG.if you knew what you were doing or had the proper guidance. It got so bad that the Federal Government cracked down on the industry, as a whole, and forced many firms to close their doors.Fast forward to today and Internet Marketing. There are many, many similarities, i.e., the majority of initial contact isn't made in person or via telephone. It is made online with incredible statements and fancy graphics. If the advert & capture page catches your eye, you give contact information about yourself in an attempt to obtain more information about the opportunity.but who are you giving your information to? Most instances, the "sponsor" didn't bother to put his her name on the capture page; you have no idea who he she is. Let's say you join, post adverts and attract other individuals. Now you're the "sponsor". What can you do if the situation doesn't work for you & your "downline"? Again, all knew there is a certain level of risk in every business transaction but without an established basis of knowledge and trust, can you count on this "downline" to go with you to your next opportunity? Probably not. Genesis 2.0