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Br_____ ta____ _ith tu_ning s__ag_ int_ su_s

por Bryant Stambaugh (2018-12-08)

__R___N_, ___. (__) _ __me c_m__nies ____t _f ma__ng __e_ __t_ ____ng __t__ f__m m____t__ m_unt_ins.

____ __n't b_ __m__t_ng in th_ upc_ming ___e W_t__ B_e_ ______ng_, _n __i__ an _r_g_n ___te__ter t_e_tment ___r_t__ h_s _____ h_m_ _r_w_r_ t_ ma_e gr__t-t_st_ng _e__ f__m ho_s, _ar___, ____t and t_e k__, not-__-_e_r_t ing___i_nt: t___te_ ___er _at__.

Th_ _o_nt _f t__ __nt__t is not t_ find ___tl_nd'_ ne_t t__ndy c_aft _e__. _ath__, it'_ _n _ffo_t t_ g_t _____e ta__ing ab_ut h__ a __ta_ __s_____ __n __ r_____ th_nks t_ a__anc_d __t__-fi_t__ti_n s_st_m_.

_n t_is ___to ta__n _n F_____, _____ 24, 2015, ____n __t__ S__vi__s s____spe_s_n _a__ J____r_ sh___ ___le_ __ntainers _f ___h__ __r_fi__ __t__ f__m the__ fa____ty _n F__e_t _____, O_e. _h_ uti_it_ __ans t_ _el___e 300 __llons _f ______ ____f_e_ __t__ ne_t m_nt_ t_ r__g_l_ 20 h_m_ _re_er_ f__m t_e _____n __e_ __e_, the st_te¿_ ____st h_me-_r__ing _lu_. _ p_nel _f ____rt_ wi_l _u___ t_e _e__s in ___y, and t_e _est ___s _ill b_ t__en t_ _n _nte_nati_na_ _at__ __nf___nc_ in Ch_____. (__ __oto/__n ___n)

"We need to be judging water by its quality, and not by its history," ____ M__k ______s, _ _p__e_m_n f__ __e_n _ater ____i__s, _hi__ _uns f_ur wast__ate_ tr__tment ___nts _n th_ ___tland s__u___. "The water we're producing is significantly cleaner than what the safe drinking standards are for water that comes out of taps across the United States."

_he uti__ty p__ns t_ _el__s_ 300 _al__ns of hi___y p___fi__ __t__ in _a___ _une t_ __u_h_y 20 h_m_ __ewers fr_m th_ _____n Br_w _r__, th_ _t_te's ___est __m_-____ing cl__. A __nel _f _x___t_ _il_ __d__ th_ ____s _n __te Jul_ __ __rl_ A_gust. _h_ ___t__ _ins $100, f___ _t_e_s w___ __t $50, _nd th___ _e_s w_ll __ t___n t_ _n _nt__nat__na_ __t_r c_nfe_ence _n C_i____. _h_u__ st_t_ r__u_at__s ____ _p__o_e_ t__ _afet_ _f t__ __t__, t__ ____ __n't __ s___ _t sto_e_ __ ____.

__o___ s_m_ mi_ht f_nd t___et-t_-t__ t_ta___ ____s, ______ f__m _inga___e t_ p_rt_ _f ___if_rni_ _nd _e__s _se t__at_d _ffl_ent f__ _rink_ng _at_r, __ne___l_ mixing _t int_ the _____a_ _____y.

__v_c_t__ of __t_r ____e _i__ t_ sa_ a_l _at__ is _e__ed. ___n _ne t_wn t_e_t_ it_ __st___t__ and _is_h_____ it _nt_ a _i_e_, __________ ____ _____ s_m_ _f _t __entu_ll_ finds _ts _a_ int_ anoth__ t__n'_ __inking ____l_.

"We all live downstream from someone," _aid Z___a__ __r__y _f t__ __t__eus_ __s_ci_ti_n, _ nonpr_f_t t_at s_____ts __t_r re___l_ng.

_h_ ___ny __rt__nd a_e_ h__ ne__r _a_ t_ c_nsi_er intenti_nal__ __ink_ng __st__ate_. In fa_t, t__ __t_ m__e nat__na_ h__dl_ne_ la_t ____ when it w__t__ 35 mill__n _all_ns of __ink_ng wat__ _e__u__ _ne m_n ur_nate_ int_ an __en-_i_ __s__v_ir.

____n __t__ _ervi__s ____ _ ____ing _o__l_t__n _nd envi__nment f__t__s mi_ht ___nt__l_y __e__ur_ the _u__l_ in the _a__f_c _ort___st. _t_ h___ _s to _h_nge ___g_n _e____ti_ns __f__e t_er_'_ a cr_si_.

_ts ___ces_ f_r _u__f_ing the __t__ f_r t__ ____ __nte_t _nc_____ _lt__f__t__ti_n, r______ _sm_sis _nd a___nce_ _xi__tion _ t_rms t__t __n't ___ct__ fire t__ __b_i_'s im__inati_n.

_re__n _re____ Festi__ f__nder __t Lar_anc_ sit_ on t__ ut__ity's _d___o__ _o_r_. He f______ _f _ou __nt t_ __t _____ni_ns t_l_ing ____t _e____e_ __te_, __u ___e t_ m___ __e_. __e __nt__t ___ __rn.

__m_ _at__ _leane_ b_ th_ uti_it_ goe_ fo_ ______t__n, _ut mo_t __ d___h___e_ _nt_ the Tu__at_n Ri_e_. __st __a_, _le_n __te_ _____c__ __l_ _ __nte_t _n ____h _r_____ _se_ __t__ d___n f__m th_ __v__. _h_t __tc_ __nt__ne_ 30 _____nt t___t_d ___t_wat_r. Th_s ____'_ __m__tit__n _i__ __ 100 ____ent "sewage brewage."

_ed __s_r __n t_e t__ _ri__ _n the _i___ c_nt__t, __f_at_ng _ __z_n __m__t_t_r_ _ith ___ V__ __x ____i_n _eer. __ __i_ th_ __nt_st _a_ _ni_u_ ___a__e _a_t____ants ____ t_l_ t_ ma_e __e_ t__t h__hlights the __t__.

"As a brewer, that's not usually the ingredient you're highlighting; it's either the malt or the hops or the yeast," he _a__. "I took it to mean something light, refreshing."

__s_r des_____d t__ ___hly _ur_f___ w_t__ __ _ta__, a_m_st li__ ___t_l___ _at__, ______ng h_m t_ essent__l_y st__t __th _ b__nk _l_t_ __f_r_ a__ing mine_a_ salt_.

"It is some of the best water I've ever made beer with," he s_i_. "I think the fact that it was really starting with absolutely nothing but water, and then having to add in the exact minerals I needed. I felt like that was a factor in producing a great beer."

_e _____n't _i_u___ _h_t t___ _f bee_ _e int_nds t_ m___ t___ t_me ____nd. With t_e __nt_st getting nat__na_ ___licity, _e __p__t_ _ fi___e_ __m__tit__n.

_n t__s ___t_ t__en _n ______, __ril 24, 2015, __ean Wat_r S_r____s _p__es___son __r_ ______s _h___ __a___ __ntaine__ _f h__h_y purif_e_ wat__ f__m their f_____t_ in _o_est G____, ___. _h_ _til_t_ __ans t_ ___e_se 300 g_ll_ns _f t_e ___h_y _u_ifie_ _at__ ne_t month t_ ____hly 20 __m_ ____er_ fr_m t_e _r_g_n ____ __e_, the st_t_¿s _l___t __m_-b___ing _l_b. _ __ne_ _f _____t_ _i_l ___ge th_ be___ in _u_y, _nd th_ __st _e__ __ll __ t_k_n t_ _n _nternat__na_ __ter c_nf_r_nc_ _n ____a__. (__ ___t_/__n ___n)