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TNPDS Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card

por Editoria RVQ (2018-12-20)

Everything You Need to Know About the TNPDS Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card

The TNPDS Online Smart Ration Card has been introduced by the government of Tamil Nadu as a replacement for the existing ration card. In case you don_t know what that is, ration cards are used to supply essential food grains and basic provisions at subsidized rates to low income families. This document issued by the government of India can be further used as an address proof or identity proof while applying for other documents like driving license, voter ID etc. Tamil Nadu is digitizing these and replacing them with tnpds smart ration card.

About TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Make the shift from your old ration card to the tnpds new ration card simply by applying online. We will guide you through this process. The government of Tamil Nadu has also launched an app which can be downloaded on your smart phone. Through this mobile app, you can apply for the smart card, track application status or register a complaint. To download this app, head to the government website for smart card mobile app. Once your application gets approved, a PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone. Then you can go to the nearest distribution center, show the PIN and collect your new Tamil Nadu smart ration card.

What are Its Features?

Apply fortnpds Smart Ration Card and avail its many features. By digitizing the ration card, you will be able to locate the nearest ration shops and the provisions available there from your mobile app. You will be allowed to collect ration from any of the PDC stores in Tamil Nadu.
The smart cards are made based on your Aadhaar information, making it easier to get card information under control. By digitizing this information, all the fake and duplicate ration cards will be taken out of circulation.
With the new smart cards, the government will be able to monitor the distribution of ration from warehouses to retail stores. As a result, the risk of incorrect billings will also get lowered.

Eligibility for TNPDS Smart Ration Card

You need to be a resident of the state of Tamil Nadu to be eligible for tnpds smart ration card. Currently 1.89 crore ration card holders are registered with the Tamil Nadu government. With the new smart cards, the government will target 6.90 crore card holders in 32 districts of the state. This way all ration card holders can be digitally registered who will make up for 49% of the population of Tamil Nadu.

How to Apply for Smart Ration Card

Head to to apply for the new ration card. You can select either Tamil or English as your preferred language. Go to the right side of the page and you can find a link for _Smart Card Application_. By clicking on this link an application form will open up.

Enter all the necessary information correctly and upload the images. After you submit the form, you will find a reference number on your mobile and email id. You can make use of this number to track the status of your application.
How to Check Application Status Online
A few days after submitting your application form you can do tnpds smart card status check online. Head to enter your reference number and hit submit.